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  Great Southern Swag 07 - New Music, VIVCAST, and IBAIP Turns One

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13/05/2016 03:53 PM
Posted by Tee Kay

[Image: 5A4QrDL.png]

G'day! TK here with a roundup of selected new/new-ish Australian brony fan music and videos in this issue Cheer

First up, a note on what's happening with this Great Southern Swag column. As you may notice @Explonova wrote the last two issues and he'll be writing more in-depth art articles or interviews, with myself or @WonderingWolf reporting on new fan music and videos. We're aiming to make this a weekly column, 'cause there's a lot of homegrown talent out there that deserves more love, and we want to put more under spotlight.

Also check out reviews of new episodes by @Riku006 in the appropriately-titled Riku Reviews

But for now let's dig into this issue!

New videos from Immatoonlink

So Immatoonlink aka @Viva has been quite active. His current ongoing thing is VIVCAST, a sort of regular vlog he's been doing on various stuff for about the past couple of months, mostly on miscellaneous non-pony nerdy topics. For pony stuff, there's VIVCAST RED, commentaries on Season 6 episodes as they come out.

Finally, A Serpent's Tale. This was done back in late March, it's a mini-episode done in collaboration with a whole bunch of people, click the link. It's wonderfully silly.

New songs from Reverbrony

@reverbrony from Western Australia releases something every couple of weeks or so, and he's quite a versatile musician. His music ranges from piano instrumentals to rock to heavy metal, so whatever your taste, his channel probably has something you'd love.

His latest song is a collab with BriLizyT, telling the tale of a brooding changling queen. Enjoy!

New songs from ExplodingPonyToast

Time for an electronic music interlude; here's the opening track from the new Ponies At Dawn album, Awakening, now available here, from @ExplodingPonyToast, a collab with @LutariFan and @ThatMusicBrony.

New songs from Francis Vace and Itchigotchi

Here's a Twilicious song also from the new Ponies At Dawn album by @Itchigotchi and @francisvace

Francis Vace's channel is quite active and there's not just pony music on there. Lately he's released a few Steven Universe fan music, like this one, also featuring Itchigotchi.

And because ska and Zootopia are two of my favourite things, I have to put this here.

I'm Brony and I'm Proud

This show has recently celebrated its one year anniversary. For those who are not aware, IBAIP is a podcast based in Melbourne and hosted by Lucky Knight (who also contributes to Australian Bronies React). There's a new episode roughly every month featuring an interview with a special guest, usually a prominent brony creator. Past guests include FritzyBeat, Aviators, and Shadyvox. The latest episode was released last week, with special guest Mr Rottson aka Deadninja21, a young budding artist from the States.

And that's it from me for this issue. Got any artist or musician or creator you want us to showcase here, send a PM or comment below.

Until next time, TK signing out Cheer

  Ponies at Dawn: Awakening (8th Album) & Snowfall (7th Album) [OUT NOW!]

30/04/2016 01:21 PM

Hey everypony!

Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of our 8th album – Awakening! It's been months in the making, featuring 54 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast, @ThatMusicBrony, @EnsionD, @francisvace, @reverbrony, @Itchigotchi, @silvernote, Dragonal and @replacer (from NZ). It also features tracks of many others!

You can download the album HERE!

[Image: a1633788472_16.jpg]

Ponies at Dawn are also proud to announce the release of our 7th album – Snowfall! Which came out December 2015, missed this one sorry.

It features 34 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast, @Itchigotchi, @francisvace and @replacer (from NZ).

You can download the album HERE!

[Image: a3451687585_10.jpg]

The albums are available from their bandcamp for whatever price you'd like to pay (including $0). Please consider donating something to the albums as proceeds go towards the musicians who make these amazing songs.

Follow on SoundCloud:
Follow on Twitter:

Many Thanks,
On behalf of EPT & The Ponies at Dawn Team

  Great Southern Swag: Issue #6

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24/04/2016 10:59 PM
Posted by Explonova

[Image: DP8_NAl_O.png]

Hello everypony! In this issue of Great Southern Swag we have another fantastic artist who I have the pleasure of writing about today. She is the artist who produced the fantastic banner for the BAu website, and is an active contributor to the art forums. It is none other than Inkblu.

Inkblu is currently working on an original webcomic, which draws inspiration from My Little Pony amongst other things. Here is a little more about it from her:

Spoiler: Interview with Inkblu on her new comic called, Nerio
[Nova]: When did you get the idea for creating a story in a web comic format?

[Inky]: So the webcomic is actually being done as a school project with very little parameters! I toyed with the idea of a children's storybook (with a different plot and cast entirely, aimed at around 5 year olds which I still might finish), but then realized I didn't want to deal with publishers. So, this is a fun way of getting my work out there, creating something fun, and all the while (hopefully) getting some good grades!

[Nova]: So your web comic takes place in Reef City, an underwater metropolis. Would you please give us a little insight into the atmosphere and ethos of Reef City?

[Inky]: Reef City is the biggest coral reef construction in the known seas, home to a variety of colourful creatures. It's basically the 'New York' of the oceans- very busy and bustling, always something going on. I wanted to create a very alien looking city- so the city is divided into tiers, and instead of spreading out horizontal like land cities, it's more of a big tower with spars that have coral resting on them. A lot of inspiration for the individual buildings was based on a lot of concept art for Zootopia. The city itself has 'levels'- the ones nearer the surface are more expensive, which leads to a lot of the poorer population living in the darker shadows of the Spire... the shadier areas of the city are literally the 'shadier' areas of the city. Wink

[Nova]: The main protagonist is a merperson called Nerio. Could you tell us about Nerio's personality, and how Nerio fits into the world of Reef City?

[Inky]: Here's the bio I have currently for our little protagonist, which will be put up on the website ion the coming weeks:

"Nerio is a child born of two very different cultures. They are very shy, and scared of deep water even though their physiology means they are more comfortable living there. They had a reasonably good childhood, living with their father in Reef City's third tier (meaning their family is middle-class), but were unable to make friends due to their deep-sea physiology. During their Primary Education, they were bullied severely and this permanently damaged their self-esteem issues. They have a healthy relationship with their father Tomas, but are often at odds due to Tomas' insistent nature, even though he only wants the best for his child. Nerio's Secondary Education years were less turbulent: softly spoken, they would calmly do the minimum amount of work while never contributing to the conversation. Nerio is scared of the dark in general, and has no idea how to use their bioluminescent patches... if they even work, that is. "

So Nerio is a character I've always really wanted include in something- the shy and socially awkward forced to rise beyond their low self-esteem for the better. They're very much based on my own life experiences, which helps me to write the character better and hopefully this will make them a much more realistic character to the reader. However, they are in no way a self-insert; there's a difference between basing a character on someone and actually being them, mind you. Wink

The story begins with somewhat of a graduation ceremony for not only Nerio, but their whole class. Each student applies for a job, almost like an apprenticeship for when they leave Secondary Education and venture out into the world. Nerio, whose grades have always been quite average and with no inclinations to any particular field, is unwittingly signed up for every single one. As such, they are forced into a not-so-common job; the job of Guardian. Guardians are expected to take care of any hands-on emergencies that may happen, not so much a cop but more of a rescue worker. Through the first arc we see more of the shenanigans that happen with this job and how this has big repercussions later on.

[Nova]: What can you tell us about other characters? Is Reef City primarily populated by merpeople, or are there other creatures who are friends of Nerio?

[Inky]: The City itself is populated by both merpeople and smaller creatures- it is, primarily, a working reef and as such needs fish and organisms to live it in to survive. Other larger animals, such as whales, live away from the City and visit while passing through in their pods on migration. Sharks still hold a stigma of being ferocious predators, but are accepted into society nonetheless, so long as they do their feeding away from everything else. One of these sharks, Alma, is a old wanderer, Nerio's friend, and a conduit of news from outside the City, feeding Nerio's want for adventure with stories of other reefs and incredible sights.

[Nova]: So there is an imminent threat lurking in the depths after a time of post-war peace. Is it possible that you could tease us by hinting at the villain(s) is behind this?

[Inky]: Well, that would be giving things away, wouldn't it! Happy3
Let's just say, that you should keep your friends close, and your enemies far away from you... very, very far away. I won't say any more because hopefully it will be a big surprise!

[Nova]: Where can our viewers go to find out more about Nerio?

[Inky]: is where the webcomic will be hosted, as of now it's under construction! Please give me a couple more weeks before pages start to be added.

On behalf of BAU I'd like to thank Inkblu for graciously taking the time to talk about her webcomic, Nerio and for allowing me to feature her artwork. Here are some examples of her pony work:

[Image: caldera_cone_is_a_pone_by_inkblu_d9pm36f.png]
Caldera Cone is a Pone

This is a lovely full body portrait of Inkblu's original character named Caldera Cone, who is a vulcanologist, as one might surmise from her cutie mark. It is a potentially dangerous line of work that, contrary to popular belief, is not actually the study of Spock's species from Star Trek, but rather involves the study of volcanic activity. The use of colour in this work is simultaneously well grounded and explosive, which is relevant to Caldera's area of interest. This is evident in the inclusion of warm reds and oranges resembling lava or magma, working in tandem with earth tones like umbers for the coat with ochre highlights for the earth's crust. In using these colours Inkblu establishes Caldera's relationship and fascination with nature with a synthesis between two seemingly unrelated colour schemes. This may possibly allude to the process of the formation of igneous rocks, where the cooling of hot liquid lava eventually results in the formation of a cold and solid igneous rock.

Even the shape of her manestyle resembles an inverted tongue of flame and her tail slowly and gracefully flows downward, just as lava would slowly seep down the side of a volcano. Not only is the shape of her hair well considered, but the application of colour in her mane and tail is also quite apt. The split between the two colours of the orange and the red could very well reference the layers of the earth, separating the mantle and the outer core. This colouration of Caldera's mane and tail are very similar to diagrams featuring cross-sections of the earth in science textbooks, which may hint that she isn't limited to being a scientist but also a populariser and communicator of science not unlike like Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Caldera's pose resembles an equine variant of the contropostos, which was a pose typically used in Classical Greek sculpture to suggest potential movement and influences under natural forces such as gravity. This suggestion of potential movement in her posing is due to the distribution of weight, as alternating legs are weight-bearing and raised legs respectively. Caldera's lifestyle and line of work is quite active, which is reflected here in her gung-ho body language; and it is also gives of a light, playful mood, particularly in her front left hoof raised to gesture something to the viewer. This engagement with a playful gesture is reinforced by her bright gaze and warm smile, perhaps in greeting, or maybe beckoning the viewer to follow her on a hike up a dormant volcano.

[Image: twibright_bubble_by_inkblu_d9i2ds6.png]
Twibright Bubble

Twibright Bubble is a particularly interesting work, which is another full body portrait. However this time the figure appears to be floating among bubbles, providing this figure a totally different environment and context to the previous work. Twilight's semi-extended limbs don't appear to be bearing any weight at all, and by taking into account the lack of shadows or consistent ground, it explains the effect of suspension. One might think that the bubbles surrounding Twilight would indicate that she is submerged under water, but the hair strands of her mane and tail don't seem to separate under the influence of any water currents, remaining quite neat and tidy.

This is brings to mind the concept of what's called a figure-ground relationship. The word 'figure' in this usage doesn't necessarily mean a human or animal figure, as this term could also include inanimate objects too. So long as the 'figure' is the visually most dominant element in the artwork we are looking at, we may call it the 'figure'. Similarly the word 'ground' in the term figure-ground does not necessarily mean a surface or floor in which the figure stands on (although that sometimes is the case), but rather the 'ground' is meant here as 'foreground' or 'background'. In other words the 'ground' is the pictorial space around the 'figure'. In this work, Inkblu has made good use of the figure-ground relationship in tandem with posing to give the impression of floating.

In terms of technique Twibright Bubble is also different to the first artwork. Caldera Cone is a Pone has a mostly linear approach with some colour blending to seamlessly vary tone through a gradual gradient, however in this work Inkblu has used blobs of homogeneous colour which tie in with the surrounding bubbles nicely. This technique mimics the effect of a screen print or cell-shaded aesthetic to add an element of abstraction. This semi-abstract quality still manages to represent the figure clearly enough, but seeing as Twilight appears to be comprised of smaller coloured shapes with a consistent outline acting as a structural membrane; it gives an other worldly and supernatural feel. Perhaps this suggests that this is some kind of magical event transpiring, but Twilight's cheeky sideward glance seems to reveal that this phenomenon is of her doing.

[Image: her_freckles_are_like_stars_by_inkblu_d9pm3uo.png]
Her Freckles Are Like Stars

I was fortunate enough to attend one of Inkblu's livestreams where I had the pleasure of being able to witness the evolution of this artwork. The sheer speed of how this image was constructed is quite remarkable, especially considering how complex this work is. The numerous blades of grass were almost entirely executed in single brush strokes, with some areas smoothed out through blending; however the illusion of depth in the ground was created by use of tonal layering and transparency settings. This digital painting process actually resembles a hybrid combination of two traditional painting approaches known as alla prima (wet-on-wet) and glazing (transparent layering of wet paint onto an already existing dry layer of paint) respectively.

This artwork of course references the implied fate of Applejack's parents during episode 8 of season 3 in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where on two separate occasions two shooting stars simultaneously fell from the sky.

Spoiler: Scene from Apple Family Reunion: E08 S03.

However the event in the show was so brief and subtle, in addition, Applejack didn't seem to react very strongly to the cosmic event, and it seems that her following expression was more in response to the words of Granny Smith. This symbolism was necessarily subtle considering the fragile nature of some of the younger audiences, but here Inkblu bravely explores Applejack's psyche in Her Freckles are Like Stars. We can see a star in each of Applejack's eyes which again act as symbols of her parents who have passed away; however now we are gazing at Applejack, who in turn is gazing at the sky. The only way we can see those stars in this image is by literally and metaphorically seeing the world through Applejack's eyes. Her eyes act not only as a window to her turbulent soul upon reflection of her parents, but she is also mentally reflecting on her parents just as her mirror-like eyes are reflecting those symbolic shooting stars.

Want to see more work from Inkblu? She posts some of her work right here on BAu in the Artist Gallery subforum in Appleloosa, so check her out. In addition you can watch Inkblu on her Deviant Art or follow her on tumblr. Also don't forget to view her new web comic, Nerio.

Though it pains me, this is the end of this issue of Great Southern Swag. If you know of any underrated Australian Brony artists/ craftspeople or happen to be one yourself, send me a private message and we can arrange to write a future article on your chosen artist!

If you'd like to read reviews on new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, make your way to the BAu Forums under Ponyville, and find the thread titled: Riku Reviews in the Episode Discussion subforum.

  Great Southern Swag: Issue #5

07/04/2016 11:54 PM
Posted by Explonova

[Image: DP8_NAl_O.png]

Greetings Bronies of Australia! It's art and craft week on Great Southern Swag, and I have a very special treat in store for you all in this issue. My guest today is Plushie artist and maker, SnuggleFactory! She was kind enough to give time out of her busy schedule for an interview.

Spoiler: Interview with Snuggle
[Nova]: Thank you so much Snuggle for taking the time to take part in this interview, and for allowing me to write about your work. You’ve been on DeviantArt since September 2nd in 2013, but you've always been a creative person. Could you please share with us how you specialized into plushie making in particular, as well as how you gained your skills and knowledge on your craft?

[Snug]: I've always like crafting, I've tried lots of things here and there, though not with any particular focus or talent on my behalf. I hadn't even considered making plushies until I went to my first convention in 2013, Ponycon Au. There was a very limited amount of plushies at that con, so the few plushies left by the end of the con were entered into the Auction and sold for an amazing amount, which I of course could not afford. It was at that convention where I thought to myself, well if I can't afford to buy one, maybe I could make myself one, it couldn't be that hard right?

Oh boy was I wrong! It was the hardest crafting challenge I'd ever set for myself, and I had no idea what I was doing, so I bought a pony pattern, and made my first ever 3d plush, Derpy, who I still have to this day. Derpy definitely isn't perfect, but I love her, and I keep her to remind me just how far I've come since my first plushie. I don't know why I liked this form of crafting over others but I wanted to keep making ponies, and I've been making plushies every since.

My skills and knowledge of plush making beyond that first pattern, are completely self taught. To understand shapes of plushies better, I purchased toy bears and stuffed animals purely just to pull apart and to see what the flat pieces of fabric were to create that 3d shape. Over time I've made many small tweaks to that original pattern I started with, but it's only recently that I've had the confidence to start making my own patterns.

[Nova]: How has "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" influenced you as a fan, and also as a plushie artist and maker?

[Snug]: "My little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is what got me into plush artistry, as a fan of the show and a plush artist, I would watch episodes and really want to make that new character, or the main characters in those awesome costumes. There are still versions of the ponies that I'd like to create into plushies, like Rarity as Princess Platinum, or Twilight as Starswirl the Bearded, although I've just never really had the time to make plushies that I've wanted to make, since up until this point I was just making commissioned pieces.

[Nova]: Who in your opinion is "Best Pony"?

[Snug]: Best pony is a difficult question, since the Main 6 are specifically different personalities, which in a way represent all the little pieces of yourself. I've found that my favourite pony choice has shifted over the years. When I first started watching My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash was definitely my favourite, however these days as a Plush artist, I identify a lot with Rarity, although I think I would have to say that Twilight is my favourite overall. But I love all the ponies for different reasons!

[Nova]: I’m really impressed that you have a focus on sharing your knowledge and skills on plushie creation. What gives you the drive to help foster creative skills in the artisan community?

[Snug]: Plush artistry is kind of a niche skill, and those of us who can do it currently are most likely are self taught artists. I think that because a lot of people spent years developing their skills, it makes them apprehensive about sharing their knowledge with others. However rather than each artist struggling on their own, I think that a shared distribution of knowledge helps to encourage growth in the Plush community where existing artists learn a new technique or two, and budding artists learn where to start.

[Nova]: You mention that it is your wish to encourage a "new generation of makers". Is this possibly a counter-movement to challenge the tendencies of many people who choose a passive or spectator role? Or perhaps do you feel that traditional disciplines, such as sewing, are slowly being lost in contemporary culture?

[Snug]: It is I guess a bit of a counter-movement against store bought plushies, where you buy them for $20 or so at your local store, where that company is still making at least a %50 profit on the item, then there was the cost of materials, so how much did that maker get paid for the hours of work they put into that toy you bought. So in that regard, I'm all for fair trade, and as a artist myself, I know the amount of work that goes into a plush. So I'd like to encourage people to try plush making to understand that you're buying more than just a toy.

But it goes beyond that, with mass manufacturing coming around, there is a lack of skills for a lot of people these days, and not just in the younger generation, this is something quite common across most of our society. With pricing on items these days, it is cheaper to buy clothing and toys than to buy the materials and make your own. Regardless of this fact, I do feel that people are really enthusiastic about learning how to make plushies, but often people just don't know where to start or they've convinced themselves that they could never create anything as good as artists who have been practising for years, so they never try. When people say that to me, I really like to encourage people just to try, knowing their first piece will not be amazing like the artists they look up to because they're comparing that artists years of experience to their lack of experience. What I like to encourage people to do, is to go back through an artists gallery and find their old or first works and compare it to the newest thing they've created, and you'll be amazed how far that artist has come.

[Nova]: What exactly do you study at University? Do you find it hard to balance time between being a professional independent plushie maker as well as a student?

[Snug]: I'm currently studying a Double Major with Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering. I've always had a curiosity for how things work and what things are made of. Engineering is definitely one of those degrees that you need to focus a lot of time and effort into to succeed. I have more than a normal load this semester, so while I'm not struggling yet, towards the end of semester I might struggle to find time to balance Plush work and Uni work, though next semester I plan to have a smaller load which should give me half the week for Plush work and half the week for uni.

[Nova]: Do you have any starting advice or words of encouragement for our readers who may be considering making their own plushies?

[Snug]: Don't be afraid to fail, my first plushies were terrible, and so were every other plush artist, they just might not care to admit that. If you're not convinced, check out their first Plushies and see how much they've grown. With patience and perseverance you will get better!

[Nova]: Again, thank you Snuggle for your commitment to the artisan community, and for being a great guest.

[Snug]: Thank you for having me!

Here are some examples of her work:

[Image: aj_by_snugglefactory_d9nz8tq.png]
Applejack Custom Plush

Although this adorable plush is quite a convincing three dimensional translation of Applejack's two-dimensional counterpart, there are some proportional details which set the two styles apart. One of the most apparent of those details is the plump and stubby form of this plush's limbs. This strong and stocky legged structure gives the figure a more rounded and infantile quality, much like how differently standard ponies appear in comparison to the body types of Princess Cadence, Luna or Celestia.

These legs give a sense of added stability, both visually and structurally. Notice in the frontal view how the outside of her front legs are situated wider apart than her ears, yet there remains only a small amount of negative space between the two front legs. Not only is there an apparent cuteness, but also strength in these legs; which very much suits the applebucking prowess of Applejack.

Standing on the cutting mat situated underneath her, this plush stands at approximately 35 cm's in height. Even without it's exact dimensions disclosed to the viewer, one can still make out a general understanding of the scale; especially when taking into account the measured markings on the green cutting mat. This centimeter grid of the cutting mat being used as a measuring device, is reminiscent of Eadweard Muybridge's work on animal locomotion, especially with shots taken at different angles of the plush in a series of photographs. This subtle inclusion of a measuring device doesn't take away from the visual impact of the figure, yet grants the viewer a greater sense of spacing, scale and proportion. Really putting an emphasis on the little in My Little Pony.

[Image: il_570xn_869739620_nc1i_by_snugglefactory_d9w0g7.jpg]
Sugar Cube

This is a simple and playful plushie design, taking Applejack's frequent utterance of endearment to whole new level. For not only is this work very cubic, but it is also undeniably sweet as sugar. This compressed and compacted form can be interpreted as a more developed and further exaggerated expression of the previous plush's stocky stature. This geometric depiction of the pony form brings to mind the Analytical Cubist works of Picasso and the Post-Impressionist works of Cézanne before him. Although this plush is a three dimensional work, sporting all of the sides or faces of any other cube; only one face is dominant. The face of the cube which bares a face.

The eye style of this cute face seems consistent with the depiction of newborn foals on the official television show. In addition this same eye style also shares a similarity to the "cut-out" style featured on the episode titled: Canterlot Wedding - Part 1; where it featured during the sequence of the hit number Big Brother Best Friend Forever. The gaze of these eyes is quite engaging, despite lacking complexity, beckoning the attention of a B.B.B.F. It's of little wonder why this series of cubed pony plushies were dubbed Companion Cubes, aside from the reference to Portal the video game.

[Image: rarity_floppy_custom_plushie_by_snugglefactory_d.jpg]
Rarity Floppy Custom Plushie

The form of this gorgeous plushie this time serves as an antithesis to the previous designs, in terms of style. It is interesting how the distance between the base of the neck to the dock is a lot shorter than a standard pony structure from Friendship is Magic. Yet Rarity's limbs and other projections like the tail, are comparatively elongated in contrast to the compressed torso, which exudes elegance. This from of organic abstraction shares a lot in common with the Mannerist style seen in art during the late Medieval to Early Renaissance period, particularly with Parmigianino's depiction of the equine figure in his painting, The Conversion of St Paul.

This use of stretch and pull as a technique of distortion gives the effect of being affected under a weight, by substituting volume for length. Combined with Rarity's exasperated or tired expression, this plushie successfully alludes to a state of rest.

If you're interested in Snuggle's work be sure to watch her on DeviantArt, subscribe to her Youtube channel, like her Facebook page and follow her on Etsy. You can also be a patron for Snuggle on Patreon, which is a fantastic idea particularly for anybody out there who would like to learn more about the art of plushie making. In addition, Patreon supporters have access to certain perks depending on the amount pledged, and can also be eligible to receive some giveaway prizes! Find out more by checking out her Patreon.

That concludes this issue of Great Southern Swag. If you know of any underrated Australian Brony artists/ craftspeople or happen to be one yourself, send me a private message and we can arrange to write a future article on your chosen artist!

If you'd like to read reviews on new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, make your way to the thread titled: Riku Reviews in the Episode Discussion section.

  Recruiting Columnists

07/03/2016 03:20 PM
Posted by Tee Kay

Are you someone who:
- is active in the community?
- loves to write?
- takes feedback in stride?

Then we want you to write for BAU!

Currently we have an irregular Australian fanworks showcase Great Southern Swag, written by me. I'd like it to become a regular weekly column. So I'm calling for one writer who can cover arts and craft, and another who can do music, videos, and fanfiction, in alternating weeks.

We'd also like writers covering stuff like major new episodes, humourous analysis of the show, big brony news from overseas, and going-ons in the wider Australian brony community, like what events are happening, what the Facebook groups are up to, and so forth.

These are all volunteer positions. You do get a green title though.

Apply now by sending a private message to yours truly, with a short (or long) message on why you want to write for us and some ideas about what you want to write about. Links to examples of your writing would be a bonus. I'll forward the applications to the rest of the BAU Staff.

  My Little Pony Season 6 Premiers 26 March

06/03/2016 05:33 PM
Posted by Tee Kay

It's an Equestrian Easter, everypony!

The one-hour two-part season 6 premiere will be on the night of Saturday 26 - Sunday 27 March
11pm WA | 12am Korea | 12:30am NT | 1am Qld | 1:30am SA | 2am NSW, Vic, Tas

Mark down the date and get hyped Watch

  Great Southern Swag #4

No Replies
24/02/2016 09:11 PM
Posted by Tee Kay

[Image: DP8NAlO.png]

Hello again for the first Swag of 2016, our increasingly occasional Australian brony fanworks showcase. It's been a while since the last Swag I know, but brony creators, man, they be creatin'. We've got new music and fanfics from around the sunburnt country.

  Pony Canoe Update and Survey

08/02/2016 06:09 PM
Posted by Tee Kay

[Image: PonyCon-AU_Logo.png]

New announcement from the PonyCon/SalvageCon team

Summary: PonyCon AU is under new management, they're taking a year off to plan and asking for your input, link to the survey here

Disclaimer - I'm not involved with this, just spreading the word


Hi everyone! It’s been ages since we had an update so let’s get this rolling.

You may have been wondering if Seaponies Paradise was the end for PonyCon AU. Well, it has meant a bit of hard thinking and changes for us as a team. Fortunately the fundraiser went well and we were able to end with everything settled.

The biggest change is one you probably can tell by the bottom banner. SalvageCon has officially taken the reigns from AusCons with running these events. Hopefully knowing that there has been a transition from AusCons to SalvageCon (and not someone that you haven’t dealt with before) it will assure you that PonyCon AU is in safe hands and will be back and running soon.

This however does mean a few people have left the team. We’d like to thank all those who have worked so hard in the past and wish them well in their new adventures.

As for PonyCon Au itself, we are taking a break this year to allow everyone to settle into their new roles. However, with a new team comes some questions. We’ve run cons before but these have included things we wanted. However this fandom isn’t about us, it’s about everyone. We’d like you to have a say about the future of PonyCon AU. If you could fill out the quick survey below it will help us to make some important decisions about any future events.

Lastly we do need help and are looking for a new pool of volunteers. If you are interested please contact us at HERE.

Kind Regards,

The New PonyCon Exec

  Bronies For Good Charity Album - SoK 5: Building Bridges

24/11/2015 11:54 AM
Posted by ExplodingPonyToast

Hey guys! There doesn't tend to be a lot of news nowadays so I thought I might raise some awareness for this fantastic cause in case anybody is interested.

Bronies For Good's Seeds of Kindness project has been running for quite some time now, raising money for charity to help better people's lives by releasing compilation albums of music created by the community. All the money they raise will go towards the Against Malaria Foundation.

The donation page, along with the album and some more information on the project, is available here:

The album features my track along with 18 others from amazing artists like Francis Vace, Reverbrony, Silver Paradox, Progressive Element and more! If you'd like to download the album you can do so by ticking the button saying 'I have donated or pledge to donate' after which you'll have the option to download FLAC versions of this album and all the previous ones. If you want to donate then that's fantastic as it's for a good cause, but it's certainly not required if you can't.

Here is a preview video of some of the songs on the album:

Here is a list of the songs you'll find on the album:

And here are some of the individual tracks from the album released by the artists on YouTube:
Spoiler :
ExplodingPonyToast - Malus

Wind Wolf - Travel With the Wind

Silver Paradox - Justify

MrMehster - Mad About It (feat. N. Hollow & Vinyl Darkscratch)

SDreamExplorerS - Sharing the Emptiness

Sights Unseen - Building Bridges

Hope you enjoy!

  SalvageCon Timetable

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12/11/2015 11:56 PM
Posted by Cameron:D

We're almost there!!!! As a reward for supporting us so far we're releasing the timetable!

So, with things so close here is what you need to know:

1) Tickets are $25 at the door (please try to have exact change)
2) We're at the UNSW Matthews Pavilion again (It's at the North Eastern end of the campus near the Lowy Institute)
3) Doors open just before 10am
4) The non affiliated Sunday hangs event can be found here:
5) Over 18's don't forget to book your ticket to Neko (non affiliated after party

Hope to see you there!!!

~~ SalvageCon Exec Team

[Image: v185LNy.jpg]

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