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  Ponies at Dawn: Celestial Planes Out Now (42 track Album)!

29/04/2015 08:39 PM
Posted by ExplodingPonyToast

Ponies at Dawn: Celestial Planes

Hey guys,

Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce that we've managed to put together our biggest project yet, our 5th album Celestial Planes! Featuring 42 tracks from artists big and small, and a truly eclectic mix of genres, we're sure there'll be something here for everybody and we really hope you enjoy it!

You can download the album here!

[Image: a2040387577_2.jpg]
Artwork by @Fac3Desk

As always, the album is brought to you by myself, @Arofire, @Camsy and @TimberWolffe. Tracks featured include those from @replacer, @Itchigotchi, @ThatMusicBrony, @Fluidic Ice, @EnsionD, @QueenCadence (Vaceslav), @LutariFan, @Tiberius (Light Veins), @Evdog, @silvernote, @reverbrony and myself, along with many others from all over the world!

This time around, any money from donations will go straight back to the artists on the album, but you're more than welcome to download the album for free if you don't want to or can't pay for it!

Many thanks,
EPT and the Ponies at Dawn team Smile

  PonyCon AU Donation goal Achieved

29/04/2015 07:57 PM
Posted by Pelenor

With just a few days left to go, the PonyCon AU donation drive has hit it's final goal. And it's all thanks to some amazingly generous final donations by our fans. The PCAU team would like to thank every single person who participated in helping out with the fundraiser over the last few months - be it with a donation or just by sharing our announcements.

Without all your help, we never could have got this far.

PonyCon AU and the team are dedicated to bringing the best possible events to Australian Bronies, but we also want to make sure that PonyCon AU suits our unique community. We will do our best to cater to our fans requests, be that specific types of guests, pre-event crowdfunding, and ensuring that our chosen location is available to as many attendees as possible.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has interacted with us and the donation drive - you can expect to hear more from us soon. We're looking forward to the future and all the other events we can bring to you then!

As always, if you have any comments or queries, please ask us here in the comments or via private message, we'll do our best to get back to you ASAP!

  PonyCon AU Donation Stream - Hosted by DawnAllies and TheAuzzieBrony

19/04/2015 05:57 PM
Posted by Pelenor

Today's the day! DawnAllies, one of the organisers of PCAU is running a fundraising Art Stream to help out with our donation drive, and they're about to begin!

Now's your chance to watch some fantastic artists work and get your own OC drawn while also helping us hit our final donation goals. If commissions aren't your thing, there will also be an auction throughout the entire event, so make sure to check in regularly for the chance to bid on and win some truly great merch and one of a kind artwork.

We're starting at 6pm tonight, so if you're interested - head on over to:

6:00:00 PM Blu-boisen
6:45:00 PM GeckoGeek
7:30:00 PM LunarTails
8:15:00 PM DawnAllies
9:00:00 PM Lana-Jay
9:45:00 PM Decibeldisorder3
10:30:00 PM HiveJay

  Art Livestream

19/04/2015 12:31 AM
Posted by slushpup117

Sunday morning I will be hosting a art livestream for aprox 4 hours from 8am to 12. During the stream I'll be drawing stuff from a mishmash of fandoms so I'll post updates of what I’m doing so if you don’t like one thing you can skip it if you want. Happy Ponies, Yogscast, Steven Universe, plus requests from the chat, the whole shebang. So yea please stop by and have a chat or something. It’ll be fun.
(I will be playing music that may contain swear words so if that’s not your ball game you can mute it if you want)

  Reminder About MLP Spoilers!

18/04/2015 10:42 PM
Posted by Pikachu

[Image: 517.png]

Hi friends~! Season 5 is currently underway; and with the new episode looming in a few hours, we're here to quickly remind you (yes, you!) about the rules regarding new episode spoilers because we're tardy which includes discussion, images, and videos.

Quote:Don't post episode spoilers outside of the discussion thread for the first 24 hours after the episode has aired
◾ This includes discussion about the episode before it is aired, such as the synopsis and preview clips
◾ If an episode has been released early the ban applies until 24 hours after it has been aired on TV

Breaking this rule will result in a warning, and all your posts may need to be approved by a moderator until the 24 hour period is up.

The newest episode that will be airing in a few hours time is Season 5 Episode 4, titled "Bloom and Gloom".
You can discuss and theorise about this episode in this thread!

Have a super pone time!

  Pikachu promoted to moderator

17/04/2015 08:19 PM
Posted by Level 8 Mudcrab

Hiya everyone.

As some of you probably know by now, we've promoted @Pikachu to the role of a full forum moderator in light of ExplodingPonyToast stepping down. Pikachu has helped out a lot in the past so should be a welcome addition to the team.

Everyone may now proceed with congratulating the new addition to your team of glorious leaders.

  PCAU Art Stream

15/04/2015 08:03 PM
Posted by Pelenor

The PonyCon AU donation drive is hitting the home stretch with our April deadline fast approaching, and we want to thank every single one of you who has donated to the campaign thus far.

On Sunday, April 19th we will be running an art stream and auction to help us reach our final goal. Featuring a fantastic variety of artists who will be available to do sketches, YCH and more in exchange for donations.

We'll also be running an auction simultaneously, with six original MLP inks from Paul Abstruse, and several other items the community has been kind enough to donate to us.

Don't worry, if you've already donated you won't miss out! To show our appreciation we're giving away twelve pony badge packs and the chance to win a Pony comission from the talented Blu-boisen on Deviantart.

Track the donation progress here

  Stepping Down

10/04/2015 10:31 PM
Posted by ExplodingPonyToast

Hey guys,

Over my years here at Bronies Australia I've made so many lasting friendships, and I really feel like this place helped me to find myself and mature through the latter part of my teenage years. I've deeply enjoyed being able to moderate and be apart of the running and improvement of the forums, but I feel like the time is right to step aside and let other, more capable people pick up the slack.

Recently I've not had the time or drive to be as involved here as I once was, and as such I can't really justify staying on as a member of the staff team. I really hope whomever takes my spot is more able to put the effort in that the community deserves, even if it has been a bit quiet recently.

In no way am I 'leaving the forums' or anything like that though, I just won't be apart of the staff team anymore, so I'll still be around, though perhaps a little less frequently depending on how other things go.

So yeah, thank you everybody for helping to make BAU such a wonderful place to be, and to the rest of the staff team for everything we've been involved in together, and I hope I've done a reasonable job of it all.

xoxo, EPT.

  It's Premiere Day!

04/04/2015 06:21 AM
Posted by rjrgmc28

[Image: i11FMjq.png]
Image Credit: Wake Up Twilight! by dm29

*cues up One Week by Barenaked Ladies*

It's been 329 days, since Tirek got blown away....a full year since the announcement, that season five was a happening, it's been three months and a bit since the first episode was scheduled, yesterday it occurred to me....that pony season is coming!

How was your pony hiatus? Did you survive the year long wait to get to this point? What did you get up to during the off season?

It has been a whole year since Tirek got blown into another dimension and Twilight and Spike were forced to pick up the broken pieces of their written off home.

Since then we've been waiting and wondering when the fifth season of My Little Pony will go to air. After many months of speculation, hype, animatics, preview clips and the odd teaser or two from the show staff, we have finally reached this point.

Premiere Day.

Just like a opening day in a sporting season, the premiere day of a new pony season for many is an exciting time for both fans young and old. For Australian and New Zealand bronies and fans overseas, season five marks some changes due to the show airing in the US Summer instead of the winter.

For starters, fans who watch the episodes live through one of the many community live streams or a rented US cable or satellite Slingbox (expensive but reduces lag) will benefit from the friendlier time zones this season. Although for the premiere tonight, it's a 2:00am start until the EDT/EST changeover.

The weather is going to get cooler with the move from Summer to Winter, so have a jacket or warm coat handy.

But what doesn't change is the action packed, on the edge of your seat excitement that we come to expect, and tonight's premiere is shaping up to be a good one with many surprises and cliffhangers in store.

So now the time has come. It's time to begin a brand new season.

* What will it have in store for us?
* What characters new or old will make us go D'Awwww or shed a tear?
* Will we see the return of more classic characters from past generations?
* Will we see history being made?

There is only one way to find out. Time to pop on the kettle or pull a cold one from the fridge and sit back and relax.

Get ready. It's going to be a ponysational winter.

If you like to join in the discussion for the premiere, you can check out the episode thread here.

For those wanting to watch the premiere live, check out the list of streams in this thread here.

  (Not actually) Announcing Sydneigh 2015

31/03/2015 11:01 PM
Posted by Cameron:D

[Image: G4OX4WT.jpg]

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