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  PCAU 2015 Survey

Yesterday 08:34 PM
Posted by Pelenor

We’d once again like to thank everyone who came to PonyCon AU this year. We’ve said it before, but we really could not produce PCAU without all the support we receive from our fans and your passion for the show! After each PonyCon AU, we like to offer a survey for our attendees to fill out, that way they can let us know what they especially enjoyed and would like to see again, and advise us of anything they’d like to see changed or added in future years.

If you’d like to fill out this year’s survey, you can find it below.

Since there’s quite a few questions this year, we’ve decided to offer some prize packs for people who complete the survey. Thanks to our friends over at Ponified, we have some of their fantastic card packs as prizes. Just fill in and submit your answers and you’ll go in the running to win!

  Seaponies Paradise Artist Challenge

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03/03/2015 06:18 PM
Posted by Pelenor

Didn't have the chance to see everything you wanted to see on the Main Stage at Seaponies Paradise? We've got you covered! Thanks to our dedicated Production team, we're now in the process of uploading a variety of the panels and events from PCAU 2015.

If you didn't get the chance to see the Artist Challenge live this year, you really shouldn't miss the recording. Watch as our talented artists go head to head in a competition for the ages.

Make sure to keep an eye on our page for more Panels and Events from Seaponies Paradise, as well as a survey all our attendees will be able to fill out.

  Seaponies Paradise Weather Warning

20/02/2015 07:47 AM
Posted by Pelenor

[Image: twilight-rain.png]
We’re sure everyone travelling up to Surfers Paradise has read about or noticed the weather outside, as we’d like to give everyone another reminder to stay safe over the weekend. PonyCon AU and the Outrigger aren’t in the path of the TCMarcia, but we’re sure to get some wild wind and a lot of rain, so it’s advisable that everyone stay indoors.

If you do have to go outside - try to make it quick! Be careful of the wind and stay out of any water you see. The PCAU team is dedicated to bringing everyone a great weekend at the Convention, and we want everyone to stay safe and dry at PonyCon AU.

  Cathy Weseluck unable to attend Seaponies Paradise

16/02/2015 07:51 PM
Posted by Pelenor

[Image: guestAnnouncement.jpg]
We've got some very unfortunate news for everyone attending PonyCon AU this year. We were advised recently by Cathy Weseluck that due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances, she will regrettably no longer be able to attend the convention in Surfers Paradise. She is immensely disheartened and disappointed by this unavoidable decision, understands fully the disruption and disappointment for all of us that this may cause, but assures us if there were any way at all the situation could be rectified, she would do so.

We are deeply saddened that our attendees will be unable to meet her in person, and she has assured us that she is equally upset that she won’t be able to meet the attendees who have come to see her.

Despite the sad news, it’s not all doom and gloom. Cathy still wants to make an appearance and talk to everyone that has come up to Queensland for the weekend, and she’ll be stopping by via Skype on the Saturday and Sunday during the guest panels to answer some questions and talk about her voice acting career. Cathy will also be participating in a VIP question time on the Saturday evening.

Not only that, Cathy’s agency has secured for us a replacement second AND third guest: Ingrid Nilson the voice of Maud Pie, and GM Berrow, author of the popular My Little Pony chapter books and one of the newest show writers. We look forward to having them attend the convention, and thank them for setting aside the time to do so on such short notice. We’re dedicated to ensuring all of our attendees get the full value of their time at our convention, and we will work with all of our guests to ensure that nobody goes home disappointed.

  Seaponies Paradise Timetable

13/02/2015 11:38 AM
Posted by Pelenor

[Image: PCAU_2015_Timetable-Copy2-1024x726.png]
Properly plan your PonyCon AU experience with your own, advance copy of the timetable! For any of the major events, minor events, signings and panels you might be thinking of going to, you can find the details on this handy document. Whether you read it online or print out your own copy, be sure to give it a good read because we’ve got a lot going on at PonyCon AU. It’s a weekend jam-packed with activity, and with this you can see everything that we’ve got to offer for your entertainment!

You can find a copy of the timetable above, or check it out on our website here:

  Ponified Panel at PCAU

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08/02/2015 06:48 PM
Posted by Pelenor

[Image: tumblr_njg32o2IDm1r9j219o1_540.jpg]
If you went to PonyCon AU: Marebourne, you probably saw a few Ponified cards around! Ponified is a collectible card project by Kez (Graphite Sketch) and Brylian (Miss Chaos) that features My Little Pony OCs (original characters). It also functions as a regular set of playing cards when you have the full set!

Kez was kind enough to donate some of her art for the PCAU passes this year, so you're sure to see some of her art around the convention weekend! For more information about this awesome project and the two incredible artists, check out the Ponified Panel at PonyCon AU: Seaponies Paradise. "

Their Facebook page:
Plan your day at PCAU:

  Banter Toys Competition Closed!

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07/02/2015 12:47 PM
Posted by Pelenor

[Image: tumblr_njdrqbtEkd1r9j219o1_500.jpg]
Thanks to everybody who participated in our Banter Toys Ticket Competition! Those of you who bought tickets or referred a friend between the 30th of January and the 6th of February have been entered into the running and have the opportunity to win one of the great packs Banter has put together for us to give out.

Keep an eye on our page as we'll be announcing the winners soon. Not to mention posting more info about our great activities and events!

Didn't get the chance to enter? No stress! There'll be plenty of competitions and prizes to be won at Seaponies Paradise itself!

  Seaponies Paradise Discounted Zoo-Trip!

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02/02/2015 06:42 PM
Posted by Pelenor

[Image: tumblr_nj4yugHEu41r9j219o1_540.jpg]
Ticket packs may have closed, but due to continued interest in our Zoo- Trip, we've got a special limited offer for all of you! If you wanted to join our two special guests Cathy Weseluck and Meghan McCarthy at Australia zoo, but missed the deadline, never fear! For $600 you can partake in this once in a lifetime chance to hang out with some of the people who make My Little Pony a reality.

This discounted Zoo-Trip does not provide admission to the convention itself, or any of the VIP benefits. The discounted offer is purely for those people wishing to come along with Cathy and Meghan and spend a day with the guests. This is a limited offer, and there are only a few spots left - so if you're interested get in fast!

  Ticket Competition!

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01/02/2015 06:38 PM
Posted by Pelenor

[Image: banter.jpg]
Thanks to Banter Toys & Collectibles we've got some awesome prize packs to giveaway to FIFTEEN lucky people. To enter purchase a Saturday, Sunday or Weekend Pass before 8pm on Friday 6th of February.

If you've already bought your tickets you can still have a chance to enter. All you need to do is refer a friend and email with their name and email address used to purchase the ticket and you too will go into the running.
Remember to like and share this post so none of your friends miss out on some fantastic prizes!

The packs include:
1 x MLP CCG booster
3 x MLP Trading Card Packs
1 x MLP Series 2 special foil card
1 x MLP CCG special foil card
1 x Pack of miscellaneous MLP trading cards
1 x Poster/Trading Card Master Checklist

Get your tickets here!

  Banter Toys Ticket Competition

30/01/2015 06:59 PM
Posted by Pelenor

[Image: Banter-toys.jpg]
Thanks to our friends over at Banter Toys, we've got some great stuff to give away! Anyone who purchases a weekend or day ticket to PonyCon AU: Seaponies Paradise in the next week will go into the running to receive a prize pack with a variety of MLP CCG cards - including some special foil cards and a poster.

Already bought your ticket? Never fear! Those of you who have already purchased entry to the convention won't be left out! If you refer a friend, you'll also go in the running to receive one of ten great prizes. Simply grab your friends email address and send it to

Entries to this competition will end Midnight the 6th of Feburary, so you've all got some time if you're still saving up for your ticket. Head on over to out website here and choose which pass you want for the convention:

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