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  Announcing AliCon 2018!

16/12/2017 05:44 PM
Posted by TyphoonSpeed

[Image: jZW9Ri2.png]

Announcing AliCon 2018!

AliCon is a new Brony convention being held in Adelaide, Australia from the 22nd-23rd September 2018 at the Latvian Hall.

Our convention aims to bring the best of the Brony fandom together by putting on panels with special guests, concerts, and much more.

We are so excited to be hosting this event and can’t wait to put on a show for you.

So saddle up @everyone , and come down to Saddle-aide this September for an unforgettable weekend of pony fun!

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit

Twitter: @AliConMLP -

  Ponies at Dawn: Anthology (12th Album) [OUT NOW!]

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15/10/2017 09:40 PM

Hey everypony!

Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of their 12th album – Anthology! It's been months in the making, featuring 73 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast, @ThatMusicBrony, @silvernote, @LutariFan, @EnsionD, @iblank2apples, DJT and @replacer (from NZ).

You can download the album HERE!
[Image: a0564162234_16.jpg]

  Ponies at Dawn: Guardians (11th Album) [OUT NOW!]

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03/07/2017 11:59 PM

Hey everypony!

Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of their 11th album – Guardians! It's been months in the making, featuring 65 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast @ThatMusicBrony, @silvernote, @LutariFan, @francisvace and DJT.

You can download the album HERE!
[Image: a1677390866_16.jpg]

  Ponies at Dawn: Amity (10th Album) [OUT NOW!]

14/01/2017 09:28 PM

Hey everypony!

Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of their 10th album – Amity! It's been months in the making, featuring 57 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast @ThatMusicBrony, @silvernote, @LutariFan and @replacer (from NZ).

You can download the album HERE!
[Image: a1505694753_16.jpg]

  Great Southern Swag #10

14/01/2017 08:35 PM
Posted by Explonova

[Image: 5_A4_Qr_DL.png]

Yo! Explonova here for your infrequent dose of homegrown MLP art analysis, however this particular article marks the tenth instalment of Great Southern Swag! To celebrate this milestone we have our very own brsajo as our featured artist, and so I shall take great pleasure in presenting some of his work.

Electro Swing Says "Hi":
[Image: electro_swing_says_hi_by_brsajo_dafbzy2.png]

This digital vector is quite appealing, perhaps due to the harmonic placement of figurative elements. You can see that the subject in this particular work contains a certain amount of rhythm and harmony, specifically when bringing one's attention to all but one leg sharing the same position. This seems to imply that Electro Swing had suddenly skidded to a halt, with only having noticed the viewer as evidenced through the engaging gaze. To counter the implied latent energy indicated by the pose through leg placement, brsajo has craned Electro Swing's neck and had simultaneously swung the head sideward.

When combining the turned neck and the sideward glance, such posing and placement creates dynamism, whilst retaining a level of gracefulness through repetition and rhythm. As highlighted before, Electro Swing's legs almost unanimously point toward the lower left of the picture plane, yet in contrast the pair of ears and horn all seem to project to the upper right corner of the picture plane. This diametrically opposed set of compositional figurative elements create a zig-zag, or lightning bolt rhythm through the subject's structure which is a theme reinforced through Electro Swing's cutie mark.

Hay Pinkie:
[Image: hay_pinkie_by_brsajo_da5xoiv.png]

Hay Pinkie is another digital vector work, but this time with a bit more added complexity. Instead of just a lone figure in a void like the above work, this digital vector has a salmon pink backdrop and a foreground element in the form of a hayburger. The salmon pink backdrop is an interesting tool which bridges the localised colour of Pinkie Pie's figure with that of the greens and browns of the burger. Yet even more complexity is present with the inclusion of text and dialogue in a comic style speech bubble hovering over the hayburger, which cements a connection between the figure and foreground object.

What I enjoy most about this work is the use of colour and line. The combination of the darker magenta outline of Pinkie's mane and tail with a lighter alizarin pink filling is similar to that of the colours used for a show-accurate Pinkie Pie, but the range of thickness between outlines varies much more greatly. In particular, the section of tail outlines which are closest to the right edge of the image provides a lot of richness to the image. Yet brsajo parts ways with the show's style in terms of colour when bringing one's attention to Pinkie's eyes, particularly her eyelashes which share the same hue as her coat outline. The decision to exclude the use of black from the eyelashes persists on through the treatment of the pupil, which seems to be cerulean blue instead of black; and when paired with thick pink eyelashes, the two blocks of colour resonate in a beautiful way.

Aurora Australis:
[Image: aurora_australis_coloured_by_brsajo_d9s6s1p.png]

This final image is a traditional pencil drawing of BAu's very own Aurora Australis. In this work brsajo has introduced black in outlines and eyelashes, but that's not the only thing that has changed. By observing the order of the works which presented here, one may notice an incremental shift of muzzle style. Aurora Australis in this drawing has an extremely pronounced muzzle which is one of the most unique i've ever seen in my few years of observing MLP art. Both nostrils are incredibly far apart, and the width of the nasal ridge takes up the majority of the total face length.

This interesting form of the muzzle is the most apparent stylistic departure from generation 4 MLP design, but apart from the the size of the muzzle, what interests me are the components of the anatomy which the subject is comprised of. From an abstract perspective these formal components are shaped and arranged in a very interesting way. One possible interpretation of isolating these forms could be read by viewing the tip of Aurora Australis' muzzle as the closest point, then by moving one's gaze downward and past the mouth, and through to the eyes in a spiral trajectory, since the rest of the subject's face is set deeper into the picture plane. When additional components are added to the mix by overlapping forms such as the mane or ear, there manifests an interesting relationship between the viewer and perceived depth in the image.

If you're interested in looking at more of brsajo's work you can check his deviantart.

That's it for this issue of Great Southern Swag. If you know of any underrated Australian Brony artists/ craftspeople or happen to be one yourself, send me a private message and we can arrange to write a future article on your chosen artist!

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  Great Southern Swag #9

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20/12/2016 07:33 PM
Posted by Explonova

[Image: 5_A4_Qr_DL.png]

Howdy Bronies Australia. It's been a while but i'm here today with another artist to feature on the Great Southern Swag. We're going to have a look at a couple works on paper and a digital painting by the talented gummigator:

inktober day 3: pinkie pie:
[Image: inktober_day_3_pinkie_pie_by_gummigator_dajy6c.jpg]

This ink drawing of Pinkie Pie is wonderfully composed on the page, as it dominates the picture plane without suffocating the space. It was a very clever decision to place Pinkie diagonally which adds drama and excitement to her pose, and it is very fitting for the pink party pony. The viewer's eye is encouraged to stay and explore the space within the confines of the page as there are enough points of interest to engage the viewer without being too busy and overwhelming. A strong rhythmic quality of the figure's pose features a stretched and compressed variety of both front and hind legs respectively, adding much more dynamism and energy.

Despite being a line drawing, there is a surprising amount of depth that is created. One aspect of created depth can be attributed to the use of overlapping forms, for instance the frontal section of Pinkie Pie's mane advances outwards of the space from her main body. In contrast Pinkie's tail is set further into the picture plane, illustrating its place very convincingly, but perhaps less obvious is the bulge of the torso which advances toward us when compared to her legs which are set deeper into pictorial space.

The application of ink as a medium is well very well controlled, and the varying quality of line results in illusory space and volume. Also using the artist's hand as reference the scale of this drawing is quite small, which demands an even steadier hand for the control of varied line in this drawing. In addition to the varying thickness of line, the articulation and graceful curvature of the line is amazingly attractive. In particular the arching negative space between Pinkie's hind legs, and also the curls at the end of her mane and tail invite the viewer to continue to follow their implied path, as these visual devices function as aesthetically pleasing passages.

[Image: rarity_by_gummigator_d87o010.jpg]

Again gummigator shows her great eye for composition by placing Rarity slightly off-centre in this digital artwork, avoiding the all-too-common mistake of centring the image. The volume of Rarity's hair necessitates extra room on the top right section of the picture plane, but is also used as a device to allow for extra breathing space on the lower right side of the image to accompany space with her body. It is this constant balance between form and void, positive and negative space or yin and yang that gummigator has an experienced grasp of.

The naturalistic balance and shift in weight of Rarity's pose really convinces the viewer of her 'realness' despite still being drawn in an exaggerated or heavily stylised manner. Her left shoulder is raised and to compensate her right shoulder is angled downward to match. To compliment this tilt in the shoulders, Rarity's hips are tilted downward to the left which would typically result in a balance of expansion and compression the torso. However, since Rarity is wearing a thick jumper this effect is abstracted or hidden by the clothing, but if it weren't hidden the focal point of Rarity's face would not have the same impact.

What really sells this image is Rarity's gaze which directly engages the viewer through eye contact and her tilted head. From these two main clues its possible to interpret that Rarity has been expecting the viewer, or listening patiently to them in a conversation with a small, yet warm smile. The inclusion of the takeaway paper cup also shows hat this encounter may have been unplanned, or otherwise she would have been seated in a café with a ceramic cup instead. I think that it is pretty fitting for the element of Generosity to take the time to listen to somebody despite being in a rush and ordering a take away coffee.

aria blaze:
[Image: aria_blaze_by_gummigator_d848vqd.jpg]

We return to another traditional ink drawing, this time with coloured copic markers. One may notice the mostly homogeneous blocks of colour for each piece of clothing, which is especially interesting since copic markers are renowned for their blending and mixing capabilities. The rendered treatment of Aria's hair stands a a counterpoint to the flatter colouration of Aria's other components to great effect, with their sharp highlights and deep shadows. This contrast encourages the viewer's gaze to focus on Aria's face as the hair frames around it.

Another interesting feature of the figure here is the execution of the fingers and hands. The length and shape of the fingers are not that varied, and this conformity of finger shape and length gives Aria a chibi/ or child like characteristic. Yet the tapering or narrowing of the individual fingers give them a certain feminine delicateness which adds complexity to an otherwise simplistic style. This tapering motif is also repeated in not just the fingers, but also the negative space between Aria's legs, the spaces between the bangs of her hair and also the star ornamentation on her belt and head.

If you're interested in looking at more of gummigator's work you can check her deviantart or her tumblr.

That's it for this issue of Great Southern Swag. If you know of any underrated Australian Brony artists/ craftspeople or happen to be one yourself, send me a private message and we can arrange to write a future article on your chosen artist!

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  Ponies at Dawn: Voyager (9th Album) [OUT NOW!]

27/10/2016 11:36 AM

Hey everypony!

Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of their 9th album – Voyager! It's been months in the making, featuring 58 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast , @ThatMusicBrony, @EnsionD, @francisvace , @reverbrony, @Itchigotchi, @silvernote, @LutariFan and @replacer (from NZ).

You can download the album HERE!
[Image: a0789454542_10.jpg]

  Great Southern Swag: Issue #8

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01/07/2016 06:57 PM
Posted by Explonova

[Image: 5_A4_Qr_DL.png]

Greetings Bronies Australia. Apologies for the hiatus, but I’m finally here with another new issue of Great Southern Swag. Today’s artist is Crimson Mane, and I had the pleasure of speaking with her earlier.

Spoiler: Interview with Crimson Mane
[Nova]: Thank you so much Crimson Mane for taking part in this interview and for allowing me to write about your work.

[CM]: You’re welcome!

Thankyou for having me, I really appreciate the support. Smile

[Nova]:You’ve been on DeviantArt since February 14th 2004 with 566 Deviations and 2,285 watchers. Very impressive, indeed. You’re facebook page says that Crimson Mane Creations was established since October 17th in 1982. Could you please tell us about your experience regarding your creative career?

[CM]: I did indeed start on DeviantART in 2004, which seems so long ago now! I’d always loved drawing so it seemed like the perfect website to me, to upload my work and interact with other artists and fans of animation. Finally, a place where I could talk to people who liked the same stuff as me! But over the years I’ve fallen out of love with the place and have moved on. Now I am mostly active on my Facebook page, Instagram and Etsy. I’ve been active on those sites for about 2 – 3 years (not sure why it says my business was established on October 17th in 1982 as that’s my date of birth – I will have to look into that!) My experience so far has been wonderful, but not without its challenges. I started by simply doing commission work but in such an oversaturated marketplace like dA it’s really hard to get noticed, so I moved to a field that was not so crowded but still in demand. It was expensive and stressful, but paid off in the end.

[Nova]: How has the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic impacted on you as a fan, and also as an illustrator and designer?

[CM]: I discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic a little later than most, which was just before season 3 started. I tuned in to see what all the fuss was about and ended up binge watching the entire first season. Having been a HUGE fan of MLP gen 1 as a child I wasn’t too sure about the style at first, but soon enough I was entertained by the plot with its diverse characters and artistically inspired by the style. I’ve always been a fan of cute things, bright colours, fantasy and horses… so the show definitely appealed to me and still does!

[Nova]: Who in your opinion is Best Pony?

[CM]: Fluttershy, but Luna is pretty close.

[Nova]: So apart from ponies, you also have a particular fondness for Corgis. When and how did you fall in love with them, and could you also tell us about how you met your pet, MissJiff?

[CM]: Oh yes, when I’m not fawning over ponies I am usually wandering around Youtube watching corgi videos and I have no regrets! I fell in love with the breed about 4 years ago. My partner and I had our hearts set on getting a puppy and I’d always thought corgis to be cute, so I researched them further and fell in love. I contacted several breeders and eventually found a litter of cardigan corgis, and one of the puppies was MissJiff. We took her home and she’s been our beloved furbaby ever since. She’s nice company during the day as I work from home, and doesn’t complain or make much noise. She just likes to be with me and vice versa. Smile

[Nova]: Could you please tell us about your 3D printing services, cookie cutter designs and glass engraving?

[CM]: My 3D printing services mostly consist of cookie cutters and custom designs. People often approach me wanting their business logo or a certain character made into a cookie cutter, which I always enjoy doing. My favourite customers are MLP fans (always the nicest!) who ask me to make their OC ponies into cookie cutters. My prices vary depending if you can supply the artwork or if you need me to draw it for you, but it’s always fun and I love seeing how creative some people can be with their designs. I can also print entire OC ponies in any pose, and I’ve had some fun painting the “design a pony” range into fun things like my own OC/mascot and Batpony. I also make party cannons that really work, and they’ve always been popular at conventions.

The glass engravings are my own designs and are usually hand engraved with a rotary tool, but I have started doing a lot of simpler designs by sand blasting. I find it gives a smoother finish but I still need to do some work by hand for the more intricate designs. I have a lot of MLP designs that haven’t been uploaded to my page yet so keep an eye out for them, and I can also take custom orders.
On top of all that I also draw/design pop culture themed artwork and print them onto t-shirts. Another service I offer is commission artwork which I can also print onto a t-shirt for you.

[Nova]: Do you have any tips for aspiring artists, illustrators and designers?

[CM]: I would say just have fun and be yourself. If you enjoy your work it will show and being an artist is something that you need to enjoy. You need to stand out from the crowd, so make your work unique. If somebody tells you they love your style, treasure that as one of the best compliments you can ever have. Being unique and having your own style is a true asset. Don’t be afraid to try new things and keep practicing and experimenting. Artists should never stop learning.

[Nova]: Thank you so much Crimson Mane, for taking part in this interview.

[CM]: Very welcome! Thankyou for having me. /)

[Nova]: (\

Let’s take a look at some of Crimson Mane's work:

Mane 6 Cutters
[Image: mane_6_cutters_by_crimson_mane_d8x91g9.png]

It is an established fact that ponies are cute, and some would even go so far as to say that they could just eat them right up. Now you can! Here we have Crimson Mane's designs of cookie cutters for each of the mane six and they're colour coded too. Although each of the girls are quite easily discernible in their cookie cutter representations, the colour coding is a well considered feature, just in case a cookie chef hasn't the time to organise the rest of their horde of adorable cookie cutters. One can imagine it to be very helpful when fumbling over utensils with a very real case of butter fingers.

Speaking of butter, the characters and corresponding colours of the Mane 6 Cutters could give ideas for ingredients used for different cookie recipes. Apple and Oats for Applejack, Marshmallow for Rarity, Banana Chocolate Chip for Fluttershy, Skittles for Rainbow Dash, Strawberry for Pinkie Pie and Magical Popping Candy for Twilight perhaps. Each of the mane six are depicted in a fashion which is accurate to how they are depicted in the show, both in terms of the art style and their poses effectively encapsulating their character.

Sweet Apple Acres Cider Glasses
[Image: sweet_apple_acres_cider_glasses_by_crimson_mane.png]

If the Apple family business ever decides to go big and export their famous cider, this would be a convincing example of what their branding would look like. The design on these glasses effectively allude to the rich history of Sweet Apple Acres and the Apple family tradition. Of course this is literally inscribed as the logo's text, but the inclusion of a scroll or ribbon as a surface for the text gives a historical and nostalgic feel. A ribbon could be interpreted as a sign of success through a prize-winning product, and a scroll could act as a symbol of experience and stability over a long period of time. In addition the use of a scroll on imagery can be traced back to medieval times with heraldry, where family legacy is also of great importance.

A hint of the landscape is also featured on the design as it is important as a reinforcement of the notion of longstanding tradition. If you're familiar with the history of Ponyville you'd probably aware of the fact that Ponyville was founded by the ancestors of the Apple Family through commerce and farming prospects. By including a depiction of Sweet Apple Acres, not only does the consumer get an idea of where the ingredients are sourced, but a local consumer would piece together the significant relationship between the Apple Family, the product and their town.

Alicorn Princess Glass Set
[Image: mlp_fim_alicorn_princess_glass_set_by_crimson_ma.png]

Now there's an excuse to drink all day from dawn 'til dusk, simply by giving a toast to your favourite pony princesses with these Alicorn Princess Glasses. Alternatively, if it's too hardcore to start celebratory toasts in the morning, i'm sure it would be acceptable to praise the sun with a ceremonial glass of freshly squeezed orange juice instead. Or if the schedule of your beverage consumption is not consistent, perhaps a drink with a loved one using the Cadence design will grant you both truth, goodness and beauty in the rest of your time together.

It is worthy to note that all the Princesses have a slightly bowed head facing in the same direction with both eyes shut. What could possibly cause these princesses to bow to the common folk? Perhaps their humble and peaceful appearance ought to be reflected as it is on the glass. Could it be that this serves as a didactic element in which to remind the consumer to drink with reverence? Or perhaps the Princesses are pleading with us to drink responsibility as they are concerned for our well-being?

If you're interested in Crimson Mane's Cookie Cutters, or are interested in anything else, have a look at her Etsy Store or send her a message on her facebook page.

That's it for this issue of Great Southern Swag. If you know of any underrated Australian Brony artists/ craftspeople or happen to be one yourself, send me a private message and we can arrange to write a future article on your chosen artist!

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  Great Southern Swag 07 - New Music, VIVCAST, and IBAIP Turns One

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13/05/2016 03:53 PM
Posted by Tee Kay

[Image: 5A4QrDL.png]

G'day! TK here with a roundup of selected new/new-ish Australian brony fan music and videos in this issue Cheer

First up, a note on what's happening with this Great Southern Swag column. As you may notice @Explonova wrote the last two issues and he'll be writing more in-depth art articles or interviews, with myself or @WonderingWolf reporting on new fan music and videos. We're aiming to make this a weekly column, 'cause there's a lot of homegrown talent out there that deserves more love, and we want to put more under spotlight.

Also check out reviews of new episodes by @Riku006 in the appropriately-titled Riku Reviews

But for now let's dig into this issue!

New videos from Immatoonlink

So Immatoonlink aka @Viva has been quite active. His current ongoing thing is VIVCAST, a sort of regular vlog he's been doing on various stuff for about the past couple of months, mostly on miscellaneous non-pony nerdy topics. For pony stuff, there's VIVCAST RED, commentaries on Season 6 episodes as they come out.

Finally, A Serpent's Tale. This was done back in late March, it's a mini-episode done in collaboration with a whole bunch of people, click the link. It's wonderfully silly.

New songs from Reverbrony

@reverbrony from Western Australia releases something every couple of weeks or so, and he's quite a versatile musician. His music ranges from piano instrumentals to rock to heavy metal, so whatever your taste, his channel probably has something you'd love.

His latest song is a collab with BriLizyT, telling the tale of a brooding changling queen. Enjoy!

New songs from ExplodingPonyToast

Time for an electronic music interlude; here's the opening track from the new Ponies At Dawn album, Awakening, now available here, from @ExplodingPonyToast, a collab with @LutariFan and @ThatMusicBrony.

New songs from Francis Vace and Itchigotchi

Here's a Twilicious song also from the new Ponies At Dawn album by @Itchigotchi and @francisvace

Francis Vace's channel is quite active and there's not just pony music on there. Lately he's released a few Steven Universe fan music, like this one, also featuring Itchigotchi.

And because ska and Zootopia are two of my favourite things, I have to put this here.

I'm Brony and I'm Proud

This show has recently celebrated its one year anniversary. For those who are not aware, IBAIP is a podcast based in Melbourne and hosted by Lucky Knight (who also contributes to Australian Bronies React). There's a new episode roughly every month featuring an interview with a special guest, usually a prominent brony creator. Past guests include FritzyBeat, Aviators, and Shadyvox. The latest episode was released last week, with special guest Mr Rottson aka Deadninja21, a young budding artist from the States.

And that's it from me for this issue. Got any artist or musician or creator you want us to showcase here, send a PM or comment below.

Until next time, TK signing out Cheer

  Ponies at Dawn: Awakening (8th Album) & Snowfall (7th Album) [OUT NOW!]

30/04/2016 01:21 PM

Hey everypony!

Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of our 8th album – Awakening! It's been months in the making, featuring 54 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast, @ThatMusicBrony, @EnsionD, @francisvace, @reverbrony, @Itchigotchi, @silvernote, Dragonal and @replacer (from NZ). It also features tracks of many others!

You can download the album HERE!

[Image: a1633788472_16.jpg]

Ponies at Dawn are also proud to announce the release of our 7th album – Snowfall! Which came out December 2015, missed this one sorry.

It features 34 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast, @Itchigotchi, @francisvace and @replacer (from NZ).

You can download the album HERE!

[Image: a3451687585_10.jpg]

The albums are available from their bandcamp for whatever price you'd like to pay (including $0). Please consider donating something to the albums as proceeds go towards the musicians who make these amazing songs.

Follow on SoundCloud:
Follow on Twitter:

Many Thanks,
On behalf of EPT & The Ponies at Dawn Team

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