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Not at all!
I find there's quite a difference in the outcomes when working with mostly EDM artists (many ponies at dawn album people) or working with like, happy synthy pop or funky old-school ish artists (made up and pretty jaded)
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I found that singing into a pitch adjuster makes me sound like a vocaloid
So I picked a song I couldn't get out of my head

and did some very weaboo acapella??

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Lol, such vocaloid.
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Music dump, because I remembered this subforum is real.
Organised into two sections, one for P@ D songs, and another for random collection. Oldest first, newest at the bottom.

I like the bird dating sim so I made this in honour of my pigeon waifu

Revisited a song I wrote when I was an angsty teen while tipsy one night. Darkstatic did some backup singing along, hahah

I like barbie, and barbie movies. Plus, they're also great as drinking games!

My special somepony was feeling sad, so I did a cover of a song I heard in the supermarket.

I really liked the episode with Diamond Tiara singing. A loooooot! I still don't think I did it justice.

I felt christmassy, and so did Em120x! So we did a cover.

Though my name isnt in the title, I was sortof part of sad horse crew awhile? This was a mega christmas pony cover collab which was super fun!

Intorrek and I have been working on this together awhile. His friend wrote the lyrics, and I set 'em to music and melody, then we did a duet. Its sweet, I think!

So yeah I guess I have continued to try to get on their albums, hooray!
Heres to never breaking the streak!

Vaceslav and I sing a duet written by Lutarifan. Its cute~

Exiark remixed "Let the Sun Rise" and its super kickass amazing

I had a breif stint in a ska band. In this, we sung about Pinkie and Maud!

This one doesn't have a soundcloud! It got on their Christmas album, though the lyrics I wrote are hardly christmassy!

Though not on a ponies at dawn album, this is a retelling of an old song that /was/ on a previous album.

Bleep bloops for Tink-a-tink-a-too, the cutest little christmas bells pony, somehow got onto the album haha
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I had a listen to your most recent additions. Nageki's theme is pretty cool, no idea where its from though. For some reason in my head I overlay the melody of Final Fantasy X'sTo Zanarkand over it. And hey! It sounded like it had organs in the end! I thought you didn't like organs!

I found it really amusing that you were trying so hard to hold in your laughter for Stop Resisting. Pretty impressive for a single take, despite the stumbles on the lyrics. It sounded like you had a lot of fun... But i'm a bit scared.

What if I Shine was really cool too! I haven't seen a Barbie movie before, but your acapella cover was really pleasant! It would be a great song for competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments.

It was really nice of you to play Something I need for your partner... But it made me feel pretty sad. I also thought that the little flourish/ set of notes at 0:54 was really nice.

Concerning your acapella of The Pony I Want To Be, it sounded pretty cool to me, though I haven't heard the original. I'll have catch up with MLP episodes some time.

I really got into It's a Pony Kind of Christmas! I didn't know that you were in a band, that's cool! This is Ska, right? It really reminded me of Cat Empire. It really inspired me artistically.

I listened to My Friend all the way through. It was nice, and the lyrics were beautiful and sad... But songs like these... I dunno... A little sappy for my taste. But my taste is pretty dumb, so disregard that lol.

Star and Firefly was really sick when it picked up. Makes me want to get up and dance (even though i'm a terrible dancer... the more inebriated the better though). Probably my favourite here.

I really like Let the Sun Rise with that filter/ distortion on the vocals. It was really cute, but the overall tone of the song and the lyrics was pretty serious. I found that really interesting.

It also reminded me of that AAMI Advert:
Spoiler: AAMI Advert

Crystal Christmas was really beautiful! 0:47, suddenly i'm in Hobbiton! Haha! It was very cute and I enjoyed it.

Sorry that my music talk is not as fancy as my art talk. I'd like to get a lot better so I can be more helpful.
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@Explonova Thanks for all the feedback!

About the sappy-ness in 'My Friend' yeah, perhaps! When I write lyrics I prefer to talk around the subject and be whimsical, rather than something so outright. I can't write accompaniment with any intricacy, so the instrumental was pretty simple too. I like it, but I also think somehow it falls a little flat. Your opinion isn't dumb!

Something I Need made you feel sad? Why? Is it the lyrics? The original is much more anthem-y, you've heard it, right?

AAMI... Why does that song remind you of the ad--HOT LIKE A SUNRISE BAAAAAHAHAAAAHAHAHA
Whelp, I lost my shit as I was watching the clip.

Oh, and Nageki's theme is from Hatoful boyfriend. It's that dating sim where you are a human going to a bird school. It starts out super sillyfuncute, and eventually gets more and more dark and terrible and has biological warfare, murder and suicide. I looooooooove that game ;u;

Hey, also, if you're not busy, I'm working on something else at the moment and it'd be pretty awesome to get some art from you to accompany it~
I get that you're a busy bee, though. Shoot me a PM if interested?
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So, a brony friend and I released an album sometime in the past week.
(Albums can have 8 songs, right?)
It's not strictly pony, but a couple of the songs have been on Ponies @ Dawn albums
You can download it for freeeee~~~

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