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Are you someone who:
- is active in the community?
- loves to write?
- takes feedback in stride?

Then we want you to write for BAU!

Currently we have an irregular Australian fanworks showcase Great Southern Swag, written by me. I'd like it to become a regular weekly column. So I'm calling for one writer who can cover arts and craft, and another who can do music, videos, and fanfiction, in alternating weeks.

We'd also like writers covering stuff like major new episodes, humourous analysis of the show, big brony news from overseas, and going-ons in the wider Australian brony community, like what events are happening, what the Facebook groups are up to, and so forth.

These are all volunteer positions. You do get a green title though.

Apply now by sending a private message to yours truly, with a short (or long) message on why you want to write for us and some ideas about what you want to write about. Links to examples of your writing would be a bonus. I'll forward the applications to the rest of the BAU Staff.
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Hmm, interesting. May apply, since I am in parts of the art community :3
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This is a great idea and opportunity for writers and the community at large.

I have a couple of questions:

Would it perhaps be a good idea to include a deadline for applications, so other applicants can submit their proposal in time?

Are these positions mutually exclusive? By that I mean can the writer for music related columns collaborate with the writer for episode analysis if the situation presents itself? For example if a particular episode had a theme or reference centred on music.

Whilst it may complicate things, I think there are some benefits for occasional co-authorship. Especially if the writers have the freedom to discuss, share ideas and help each other out on their articles if they wished.

As an alternative to co-authorship, the main article could be attributed to the designated writer, with a small excerpt of another writer's contribution attached. Just an idea.
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From my point I would welcome all writers to contribute to as many articles as they wish, I don't see any reason for any writer to be limited to one exclusive position/category/whatever you wish to call it. The more articles a writer is part of, the better it is for them (more credit to them since their name appears on the work) and better for the quality of the articles in general.

The Columnists are all part of the same usergroup after all and should stay that way, with that they are able to (and should) use the private staff boards for collaboration, proofing and drafting articles (we may even expand on those boards to make that tidier too).

Just nominate what you're willing to be part of when sending in the application, whether it be for one part, some parts or if you're keen to take on anything.
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I'm wondering whether I can join at a later time, because I'm not much of a writer and I plan to get into drawing properly once I get a graphics pad, so will you advertise for this multiple times or is this a once off?
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Dandenong, Vic
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So we have four new writers at the moment, Riku, WonderingWolf, Clouds in Clouds, and Explonova. So we're good for now but we might recruit more in the future, yes.
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