Great Southern Swag 07 - New Music, VIVCAST, and IBAIP Turns One
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G'day! TK here with a roundup of selected new/new-ish Australian brony fan music and videos in this issue Cheer

First up, a note on what's happening with this Great Southern Swag column. As you may notice @Explonova wrote the last two issues and he'll be writing more in-depth art articles or interviews, with myself or @WonderingWolf reporting on new fan music and videos. We're aiming to make this a weekly column, 'cause there's a lot of homegrown talent out there that deserves more love, and we want to put more under spotlight.

Also check out reviews of new episodes by @Riku006 in the appropriately-titled Riku Reviews

But for now let's dig into this issue!

New videos from Immatoonlink

So Immatoonlink aka @Viva has been quite active. His current ongoing thing is VIVCAST, a sort of regular vlog he's been doing on various stuff for about the past couple of months, mostly on miscellaneous non-pony nerdy topics. For pony stuff, there's VIVCAST RED, commentaries on Season 6 episodes as they come out.

Finally, A Serpent's Tale. This was done back in late March, it's a mini-episode done in collaboration with a whole bunch of people, click the link. It's wonderfully silly.

New songs from Reverbrony

@reverbrony from Western Australia releases something every couple of weeks or so, and he's quite a versatile musician. His music ranges from piano instrumentals to rock to heavy metal, so whatever your taste, his channel probably has something you'd love.

His latest song is a collab with BriLizyT, telling the tale of a brooding changling queen. Enjoy!

New songs from ExplodingPonyToast

Time for an electronic music interlude; here's the opening track from the new Ponies At Dawn album, Awakening, now available here, from @ExplodingPonyToast, a collab with @LutariFan and @ThatMusicBrony.

New songs from Francis Vace and Itchigotchi

Here's a Twilicious song also from the new Ponies At Dawn album by @Itchigotchi and @francisvace

Francis Vace's channel is quite active and there's not just pony music on there. Lately he's released a few Steven Universe fan music, like this one, also featuring Itchigotchi.

And because ska and Zootopia are two of my favourite things, I have to put this here.

I'm Brony and I'm Proud

This show has recently celebrated its one year anniversary. For those who are not aware, IBAIP is a podcast based in Melbourne and hosted by Lucky Knight (who also contributes to Australian Bronies React). There's a new episode roughly every month featuring an interview with a special guest, usually a prominent brony creator. Past guests include FritzyBeat, Aviators, and Shadyvox. The latest episode was released last week, with special guest Mr Rottson aka Deadninja21, a young budding artist from the States.

And that's it from me for this issue. Got any artist or musician or creator you want us to showcase here, send a PM or comment below.

Until next time, TK signing out Cheer
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