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Howdy Bronies Australia. It's been a while but i'm here today with another artist to feature on the Great Southern Swag. We're going to have a look at a couple works on paper and a digital painting by the talented gummigator:

inktober day 3: pinkie pie:
[Image: inktober_day_3_pinkie_pie_by_gummigator_dajy6c.jpg]

This ink drawing of Pinkie Pie is wonderfully composed on the page, as it dominates the picture plane without suffocating the space. It was a very clever decision to place Pinkie diagonally which adds drama and excitement to her pose, and it is very fitting for the pink party pony. The viewer's eye is encouraged to stay and explore the space within the confines of the page as there are enough points of interest to engage the viewer without being too busy and overwhelming. A strong rhythmic quality of the figure's pose features a stretched and compressed variety of both front and hind legs respectively, adding much more dynamism and energy.

Despite being a line drawing, there is a surprising amount of depth that is created. One aspect of created depth can be attributed to the use of overlapping forms, for instance the frontal section of Pinkie Pie's mane advances outwards of the space from her main body. In contrast Pinkie's tail is set further into the picture plane, illustrating its place very convincingly, but perhaps less obvious is the bulge of the torso which advances toward us when compared to her legs which are set deeper into pictorial space.

The application of ink as a medium is well very well controlled, and the varying quality of line results in illusory space and volume. Also using the artist's hand as reference the scale of this drawing is quite small, which demands an even steadier hand for the control of varied line in this drawing. In addition to the varying thickness of line, the articulation and graceful curvature of the line is amazingly attractive. In particular the arching negative space between Pinkie's hind legs, and also the curls at the end of her mane and tail invite the viewer to continue to follow their implied path, as these visual devices function as aesthetically pleasing passages.

[Image: rarity_by_gummigator_d87o010.jpg]

Again gummigator shows her great eye for composition by placing Rarity slightly off-centre in this digital artwork, avoiding the all-too-common mistake of centring the image. The volume of Rarity's hair necessitates extra room on the top right section of the picture plane, but is also used as a device to allow for extra breathing space on the lower right side of the image to accompany space with her body. It is this constant balance between form and void, positive and negative space or yin and yang that gummigator has an experienced grasp of.

The naturalistic balance and shift in weight of Rarity's pose really convinces the viewer of her 'realness' despite still being drawn in an exaggerated or heavily stylised manner. Her left shoulder is raised and to compensate her right shoulder is angled downward to match. To compliment this tilt in the shoulders, Rarity's hips are tilted downward to the left which would typically result in a balance of expansion and compression the torso. However, since Rarity is wearing a thick jumper this effect is abstracted or hidden by the clothing, but if it weren't hidden the focal point of Rarity's face would not have the same impact.

What really sells this image is Rarity's gaze which directly engages the viewer through eye contact and her tilted head. From these two main clues its possible to interpret that Rarity has been expecting the viewer, or listening patiently to them in a conversation with a small, yet warm smile. The inclusion of the takeaway paper cup also shows hat this encounter may have been unplanned, or otherwise she would have been seated in a café with a ceramic cup instead. I think that it is pretty fitting for the element of Generosity to take the time to listen to somebody despite being in a rush and ordering a take away coffee.

aria blaze:
[Image: aria_blaze_by_gummigator_d848vqd.jpg]

We return to another traditional ink drawing, this time with coloured copic markers. One may notice the mostly homogeneous blocks of colour for each piece of clothing, which is especially interesting since copic markers are renowned for their blending and mixing capabilities. The rendered treatment of Aria's hair stands a a counterpoint to the flatter colouration of Aria's other components to great effect, with their sharp highlights and deep shadows. This contrast encourages the viewer's gaze to focus on Aria's face as the hair frames around it.

Another interesting feature of the figure here is the execution of the fingers and hands. The length and shape of the fingers are not that varied, and this conformity of finger shape and length gives Aria a chibi/ or child like characteristic. Yet the tapering or narrowing of the individual fingers give them a certain feminine delicateness which adds complexity to an otherwise simplistic style. This tapering motif is also repeated in not just the fingers, but also the negative space between Aria's legs, the spaces between the bangs of her hair and also the star ornamentation on her belt and head.

If you're interested in looking at more of gummigator's work you can check her deviantart or her tumblr.

That's it for this issue of Great Southern Swag. If you know of any underrated Australian Brony artists/ craftspeople or happen to be one yourself, send me a private message and we can arrange to write a future article on your chosen artist!

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