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[Image: 5_A4_Qr_DL.png]

Yo! Explonova here for your infrequent dose of homegrown MLP art analysis, however this particular article marks the tenth instalment of Great Southern Swag! To celebrate this milestone we have our very own brsajo as our featured artist, and so I shall take great pleasure in presenting some of his work.

Electro Swing Says "Hi":
[Image: electro_swing_says_hi_by_brsajo_dafbzy2.png]

This digital vector is quite appealing, perhaps due to the harmonic placement of figurative elements. You can see that the subject in this particular work contains a certain amount of rhythm and harmony, specifically when bringing one's attention to all but one leg sharing the same position. This seems to imply that Electro Swing had suddenly skidded to a halt, with only having noticed the viewer as evidenced through the engaging gaze. To counter the implied latent energy indicated by the pose through leg placement, brsajo has craned Electro Swing's neck and had simultaneously swung the head sideward.

When combining the turned neck and the sideward glance, such posing and placement creates dynamism, whilst retaining a level of gracefulness through repetition and rhythm. As highlighted before, Electro Swing's legs almost unanimously point toward the lower left of the picture plane, yet in contrast the pair of ears and horn all seem to project to the upper right corner of the picture plane. This diametrically opposed set of compositional figurative elements create a zig-zag, or lightning bolt rhythm through the subject's structure which is a theme reinforced through Electro Swing's cutie mark.

Hay Pinkie:
[Image: hay_pinkie_by_brsajo_da5xoiv.png]

Hay Pinkie is another digital vector work, but this time with a bit more added complexity. Instead of just a lone figure in a void like the above work, this digital vector has a salmon pink backdrop and a foreground element in the form of a hayburger. The salmon pink backdrop is an interesting tool which bridges the localised colour of Pinkie Pie's figure with that of the greens and browns of the burger. Yet even more complexity is present with the inclusion of text and dialogue in a comic style speech bubble hovering over the hayburger, which cements a connection between the figure and foreground object.

What I enjoy most about this work is the use of colour and line. The combination of the darker magenta outline of Pinkie's mane and tail with a lighter alizarin pink filling is similar to that of the colours used for a show-accurate Pinkie Pie, but the range of thickness between outlines varies much more greatly. In particular, the section of tail outlines which are closest to the right edge of the image provides a lot of richness to the image. Yet brsajo parts ways with the show's style in terms of colour when bringing one's attention to Pinkie's eyes, particularly her eyelashes which share the same hue as her coat outline. The decision to exclude the use of black from the eyelashes persists on through the treatment of the pupil, which seems to be cerulean blue instead of black; and when paired with thick pink eyelashes, the two blocks of colour resonate in a beautiful way.

Aurora Australis:
[Image: aurora_australis_coloured_by_brsajo_d9s6s1p.png]

This final image is a traditional pencil drawing of BAu's very own Aurora Australis. In this work brsajo has introduced black in outlines and eyelashes, but that's not the only thing that has changed. By observing the order of the works which presented here, one may notice an incremental shift of muzzle style. Aurora Australis in this drawing has an extremely pronounced muzzle which is one of the most unique i've ever seen in my few years of observing MLP art. Both nostrils are incredibly far apart, and the width of the nasal ridge takes up the majority of the total face length.

This interesting form of the muzzle is the most apparent stylistic departure from generation 4 MLP design, but apart from the the size of the muzzle, what interests me are the components of the anatomy which the subject is comprised of. From an abstract perspective these formal components are shaped and arranged in a very interesting way. One possible interpretation of isolating these forms could be read by viewing the tip of Aurora Australis' muzzle as the closest point, then by moving one's gaze downward and past the mouth, and through to the eyes in a spiral trajectory, since the rest of the subject's face is set deeper into the picture plane. When additional components are added to the mix by overlapping forms such as the mane or ear, there manifests an interesting relationship between the viewer and perceived depth in the image.

If you're interested in looking at more of brsajo's work you can check his deviantart.

That's it for this issue of Great Southern Swag. If you know of any underrated Australian Brony artists/ craftspeople or happen to be one yourself, send me a private message and we can arrange to write a future article on your chosen artist!

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There's something about the style that I love. Reminds me of marshmellows. Mmmm marshmellows..
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