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Hey everypony!

Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of their 10th album – Amity! It's been months in the making, featuring 57 new tracks from Australian artists such as @ExplodingPonyToast @ThatMusicBrony, @silvernote, @LutariFan and @replacer (from NZ).

You can download the album HERE!
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Again with 50+ Tracks.
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I played My Little Pony before I decided to sell my PSP 4. After I found a free ROMs emulator, the need for device except for the computer and android disappeared too. Perhaps you haven`t yet seen the obvious advantages of this games, but I advise you to check because the modernization of gadgets leads to interesting prospects. It`s much more convenient for me to play Super Mario on a computer than store a bunch of old junk at home.
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