Poll: Should I be a mod again?
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Make BAU Great Again
literally Franco
The Jesus of BAU, WA
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Geez look at this, spam bots, no activity. Back in my day things were simple. No computers. Nothing. Back when I was a Mod everyone was happy and there was no drama ever. Make me a mod again. Make BAU great again. I will build a great firewall to keep out the spam bots. I will stop immigration from Facebook. Ill beat up the other mods #draintheswamp.

Join me. And together we can rule the blogosphere

#makeBAUgreatagain #opence #agreatwall #endmylife
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Crystal Pony
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Back in your day I could afford to drink and hit on people in the AJAX chat for the lolz. Ppcute
Adelaide, SA
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Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember, it didn't help the rabbit

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