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Announcing AliCon 2018!

AliCon is a new Brony convention being held in Adelaide, Australia from the 22nd-23rd September 2018 at the Latvian Hall.

Our convention aims to bring the best of the Brony fandom together by putting on panels with special guests, concerts, and much more.

We are so excited to be hosting this event and can’t wait to put on a show for you.

So saddle up @everyone , and come down to Saddle-aide this September for an unforgettable weekend of pony fun!

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit

Twitter: @AliConMLP -
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Road trip to Adelaide anyone? 0:
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(29/03/2018 11:42 AM)Itchigotchi wrote:  Road trip to Adelaide anyone? 0:

Road trip starting in Tasmania to Adelaide? Cheerilee

(wow, I haven't talked here in a long time)
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